Ready to take your life in a new direction?

Let me be your guide.



Imagine if you had:

  • More clarity and focus

  • More energy

  • More meaningful relationships

  • More ease in your day to day life

  • And most importantly... a love for yourself that rivals the greatest movie script

If any of these statements are giving you goosebumps, this may be your message from the Universe that you’re in the right place and ready to overcome your personal challenges to find your truth.

Taking the time to heal your past may seem daunting. Maybe you’ve been to therapy and didn’t get much out of simply talking to someone and then getting on with your day.

I get it, I’ve been there too. But you made it here for a reason. You know that something is standing in your way-- you’re ready to move through it and you’re tired of simply going with the status quo.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned on my own journey it’s that making time for your own self-discovery and growth should always be a 100% hell yes! After all, there is no way to have the future you want until you let go of your past.

Most of my clients come to me feeling like Alice in Wonderland going down the rabbit hole, unsure and wary of what may happen. But, once they realize they have me by their side-- as a sounding board and guide, the process suddenly feels safe and comfortable.

As your coach, I never settle for less than your full potential. I will push you out of your comfort zone and into the life you’ve dreamed of.


You may be wondering how my process is different than other healing work you’ve tried; be it massage therapy, acupuncture, or even psychotherapy.

After years of working with clients, I’ve developed specific programs that follow a unique three-part approach combining the benefits of intuitive energy healing and transformational coaching because they work together beautifully. If you’re currently using any of the healing modalities mentioned above, keep it up, these are all complementary to the work we’ll do together.

Part One: Clearing- We begin with intuitive, energetic healing work to get a vivid picture of where you are now in order to move you to where you want to be. This can involve several modalities including Reiki ( move and direct energy through the body), crystal healing, and essential oils.

Part Two: Healing- This is where our coaching journey begins. Together we’ll process the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that may arise for you during our energy work and begin to heal them.

Part Three: Transformation- Looking at your specific life and goals, I’ll coach you through meditation and mindfulness practices that support self-realization, deepen spirituality, and allow you to break free from limiting beliefs.


Sessions are available in-person in Los Angeles, or via Zoom (Yes! Reiki is 100% as effective via video)


Full Life Alchemy Programs

A Transformational Blend of Energy Healing and Coaching


All programs start at 3-months long and are designed to guide you towards healing and reflection. Each includes a blend of energy healing, life coaching, mindfulness and meditation practices customized to you and your goals.

THE SEEKER: Ready to Explore

  • 12 50-minute coaching sessions

    including a combination of coaching and energy healing depending on needs

THE CREATOR: Ready to Manifest

  • 12 50- minute coaching sessions

  • 6 bi-weekly energy healing sessions

THE WARRIOR- Ready to Be the Hero of

Your Own Story

  • 12 50-minute coaching sessions

  • 6 bi-weekly energy healing sessions

  • Weekly email check-ins with bespoke materials to aid the program

  • 1x 15-minute S.O.S call

  • Free access to any online programs for the period of a year

  • Discount on my retreats & workshops booked within a year of initial purchase


Regardless of which program you choose, once completed you will:

  • Trust yourself and your intuition

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your own spirituality

  • Be confident and unafraid in any life transition

  • End the cycle of bad relationships and find your ideal partner

  • Have increased energy and decreased anxiety

  • Sleep better than you have in years

  • Become the stellar mom you want to be while also doing the work you’re called to

  • Get back to the person you were before you experienced trauma